A birthday artwork

What started out being a simple piece for a friend’s birthday turned out to be a struggle to put all those drawing and CG muscles back to work after a 2-month long break ^^;

It took 4 days after your birthday to actually complete this, but I’m sure you won’t mind as long as you get your ponytailed knight girls, RK. (ok, so Saber doesn’t have a ponytail… but you’re a Saber fanatic nontheless.)

Left to right: Shino(original), Saber(Fate/Stay Night), Signum(Nanoha A’s)

Larger version

It wasn’t until coloring started that I noticed Shino’s striking resemblence to Mitsuki from Kiminozo. That was a bit of a shock since I had already had another character that resembled Kei Ayamine. I guess when your style changes/evovles, unforseen circumstances will start to pop up.
Signum looks quite a bit off in this pic… I really should have printed out a reference picture before drawing this ^^;


~ by hayate on June 29, 2006.

7 Responses to “A birthday artwork”

  1. KR~


  2. *dies a sparkly death* T_T

  3. *dies from sheer awesomness*

  4. *dies a billion deaths*
    The fact that Saber can rise above the fact that she lacks a ponytail is a testament to her awesomeness. Of course, the ahoge always helps.

    In any case, Signum ain’t half bad at all, and Shino was a pleasant surprise. :D

    Now… what am I going to do when ~your~ birthday comes around? ::sigh::

  5. Can I dow the pictures manga?

  6. Ahh sorry for the late reply D:

    Signum (pink haired) is from Lyrical Nanoha A’s (anime)
    Saber (blonde) is from Fate/Stay Night (ero game, anime)
    Shino, the last one is just an original character.

  7. You have done it once again. Incredible article!

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