Of flaws and bad fortune

Happy New Year !
Yes, there’s no escaping Reimu’s donation box. Not even for Ryogi.

Gah… it’s the end of the month already. So much misfortune and fail happened in the past few months D:
(note: Apologies to anyone who had their comment eaten back in a certain time period in December. As soon as I got back from vacation, the spam filter suddenly caught 20+ spam comments… and all that were caught before a certain number were lost for good before I can take a look at them.)

It is also proven once again that I’m still pretty incompetent in doing work… and I am indeed a flawed perfectionist. My PS2 was burglarized last month(along with the MEMORY CARDS, GAH!!), so I need to get a new one… which might take a long while, since I don’t want to drain my savings just yet. The internet has been fail because of that quake.. although that’s mostly recovered now, it seems that my ISP, TMnet has been silently killing my use of bitorrent. All projects are still going sluggishly… and I even failed to show up on CF2006.

But enough of that, there’s still life in me so I’ll hang on to all that DORYOKU & KONJOU to keep the fire burning through this year !!

I decided to put together most of the oekaki I did last year into one image. These were from Teru’s Touhou oekaki board.
Also, preview of status screen design in progress. Going along slowly.. but at least it’s moving.
Why Ryogi in the New year’s pic, you ask ?
It’s because Kara no Kyoukai is getting animated by ufotable :D


~ by hayate on January 25, 2007.

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