Today in #simchamber

[Imban] noh
[Imban] I don’t even think Viletta looks good. :P
[Nimbus] she looks like a guy IMO
[Imban] Heck, Cobray looks better. :P
[Nimbus] XD
[Nimbus] immy is gay for cobray?
[Imban] not really! I just don’t like Viletta =P
[Imban] ( and Cobray makes a cuter girl :( )
[Hayate] imban wants cobray-trap, huh
[Nimbus] a cobray shota trap :P

Cobr- Uh, I mean Leinad

[Yukishiro] i guess i’ll call her Leinad .. the changed name for the Cobray Company

..and yeah, that’s pretty much it XD


~ by hayate on May 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Leinad”

  1. Yo.

    I’m currently browsing through VA bios, especially Ami Koshimizu’s, who’s the imaginary voice/character inspiration for my version of Leinad.

    Going to give her variant of Dis a more melee based arenal, such as an oversized claw-arm for the main weapon/finisher, since several of Koshimizu’s roles are fierce pilots of machines with wicked claws, i.e. Karen (Code Geass) & Anemone (Eureka 7).

    Think i’ll wait for next week’s Heroic Age to air. Koshimizu’s character in that show, Yuti Ra, looks like a evil cold kid version of Leinad; her Nodos form Kelbius (based on Cerberus) is a black gaunt monster remotely resembling an Astranagan, which according to official sources controls gravity and is nicknamed Nodos of Darkness … gonna rip off this creature’s design/weapons for Leinad’s Dis.

    Have an rough outline for a short fic where the Gordons go to another reality’s ancient age to stop Atlantis’ megalomaniac ‘divine’ emperor from screwing stuff up … only to find out the emperor is far from what their info tells them .. and a different person.

  2. That’ll an interesting version of Dis. Ain Soph Aur Finger/Impact ? XD
    “Watashi no kono te ga hikari ni tsutsumu ! Kyoumu ni kaere.. kono senkou no naka de ! DEAD END STRIIIKE !”
    …or something like that, lol.

    I still haven’t decided whether Strayercolt would be a Werkbau or Astranagant-level machine. XD

  3. *Spoiler* Kelbius is a frickin monster.

    She could take any BO protagonist mech short of mini nova .. er, Valzacard, and probably win. Convincingly.

    Unfortunately, its attacks are mostly ranged, besides the regular claw swipe; black hole cluster (no, really multiple BHs), gravity repel beam,
    super gravity wave which looks like a gravity tornado version of Ideon Gun & a multiple mini-tornado version of the above.

    Now i need to reorganize stuff because Meth Astra doesn’t need more gravity shot attacks.

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