P3: The Fool

The Fool

Just as I came back home late Sunday, I realized that the phone line was completely dead, hence I’ve been missing from the internets for the past week. Gah. Hopefully the contractor will finally get to doing repairs in a few days. The entire week was wasted for Telecom people and the contractor came to figure out what was wrong.

Enough about that though. At the very least I’ve managed to spend more time on Persona 3(P3), and it was well worth it. I’m still nowhere near the ending though, and only about halfway through the Tartarus. The tarot cards which have always been a major part of the Persona series’ theme feels much more prominent in the characters and plot of P3. From the silent protagonist’s connection to ‘The Fool’, ‘Death’ and his special ability to the other persona users’ arcanas; and to the characters the represent the Social Links. Almost everything seems to fit in perfectly. For once I actually don’t mind the english voice acting either, Junpei and Akihiko’s voices feels very well done. The chairman’s voice was painfully flat at times though… I never heard his japanese voice before, so I wonder if that’s intentional ^^;

At anyrate, I’ll be back in the IRC channels when my line gets fixed. Until then there’s this fanart of the P3 protag (who I named Heiji in my game) which I did yesterday. I have no idea if I’ll ever feel like doing any more of these for the other characters, lol *logs off*


~ by hayate on September 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “P3: The Fool”

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  2. .hey there…i was browsing the internet for “the fool” pictures and it lead me to this work of yours.. uhm.. would you mind if i use the same picture you have for my blog at blogspot.com??? an done thing, i saw a skecth of an anime character below this entry…was it your work? it’s incredibly good…i’m also fond of drawing and anime stuffs i would like to ask what tool did u use to draw using the computer. uhm…you could catch me at my facebook account: dragomir608@yahoo.com or at my ym id: dragomir608. thanks in advance. hope to hear a positive answer from you..

    .good times! its me pao ^^v

  3. bagus la macam tu, area kat kedai yg aku jaga tu macam2 perangai, mmg tension jugak kekadang. Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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