One’s departure

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Not really going anywhere, since I have a whole lot of things to do… but a cool and long-time member of #beastslair is going to be travelling for at least a number of months.

Sayonara de wa nai.... kitto
Sayonara de wa nai…. kitto

So, BLgame staffers ! Let us make good progress to show when he comes back !! (yeah.. I know chances are he could just be online again while travelling, but let’s get on to it anyway ! XD )


Piling up the tasks

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Do you have enough Jewel Swords ?
BL-tan; the mascot of the Beast’s Lair forums originally created by Sae/nws. She’ll be starring in the game we crazy-ass forumites are making ?

Just as I was lazily lying around in bed after another not-so-productive night in front of the PC, I was told that I had a phonecall from my internship workplace. Apparently I was needed to pick up on some job that I had partially worked on while I was interning, which was… something someone else left behind -_-

Since I had little do to these days except trying to get better at drawing and waiting for my ‘boss’ to pass to me the next big doujin project, I agreed to get to work and go back to the job tomorrow. Although I know I have other projects I want to do, this job will hopefully pay for my Type-Moon fanboy urge…

Alter Type-Moon Collection TF !!

I hope this won’t affect my fan projects too much. Right now I’m also one of the nuts working on a crazy idea for a Beast’s Lair(The Moonlit World’s forums) inspired game.

The Busou Renkin anime’s site has updated with a short flash video trailer ! I really want to be writing something on Busou Renkin, but I need to finish this one random fanart I’m preparing for it first….

A birthday artwork

•June 29, 2006 • 7 Comments

What started out being a simple piece for a friend’s birthday turned out to be a struggle to put all those drawing and CG muscles back to work after a 2-month long break ^^;

It took 4 days after your birthday to actually complete this, but I’m sure you won’t mind as long as you get your ponytailed knight girls, RK. (ok, so Saber doesn’t have a ponytail… but you’re a Saber fanatic nontheless.)

Left to right: Shino(original), Saber(Fate/Stay Night), Signum(Nanoha A’s)

Larger version

It wasn’t until coloring started that I noticed Shino’s striking resemblence to Mitsuki from Kiminozo. That was a bit of a shock since I had already had another character that resembled Kei Ayamine. I guess when your style changes/evovles, unforseen circumstances will start to pop up.
Signum looks quite a bit off in this pic… I really should have printed out a reference picture before drawing this ^^;

Nyahaha !

•June 25, 2006 • 1 Comment

Randomly started this blog !
What’s going to be here, you ask? …I don’t know yet ~!! XD

I guess I’ll try and post random doodles and comics every week first… and then maybe randomly blog about other things.

Until then, here’s an old oekaki of everyone’s favourite knife-flinging meido !

Sakuya-san kakkoi~!!