P3: The Fool

•September 2, 2007 • 3 Comments

The Fool

Just as I came back home late Sunday, I realized that the phone line was completely dead, hence I’ve been missing from the internets for the past week. Gah. Hopefully the contractor will finally get to doing repairs in a few days. The entire week was wasted for Telecom people and the contractor came to figure out what was wrong.

Enough about that though. At the very least I’ve managed to spend more time on Persona 3(P3), and it was well worth it. I’m still nowhere near the ending though, and only about halfway through the Tartarus. The tarot cards which have always been a major part of the Persona series’ theme feels much more prominent in the characters and plot of P3. From the silent protagonist’s connection to ‘The Fool’, ‘Death’ and his special ability to the other persona users’ arcanas; and to the characters the represent the Social Links. Almost everything seems to fit in perfectly. For once I actually don’t mind the english voice acting either, Junpei and Akihiko’s voices feels very well done. The chairman’s voice was painfully flat at times though… I never heard his japanese voice before, so I wonder if that’s intentional ^^;

At anyrate, I’ll be back in the IRC channels when my line gets fixed. Until then there’s this fanart of the P3 protag (who I named Heiji in my game) which I did yesterday. I have no idea if I’ll ever feel like doing any more of these for the other characters, lol *logs off*


A hollow feeling

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Agh. I didn’t realize it’s been three months since the last post.
It’s kinda depressing see all the half-done stuff I have laying around in the HDD. I need to work on doing things quickly and not spend too much time pondering the details or things never get done when the mood falls off or real-life things come up suddenly. Like this supposed entry for the Anime Blogger mascot contest. As much as I want to at least complete it, time restraints and mood swings are getting in the way recently. I wonder when I can start any consistent posting here.

Yet, I still started playing Persona 3. orz
For BLsoft and Simchamber people, I’ll be away on family matters until Sunday at least.


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Today in #simchamber

[Imban] noh
[Imban] I don’t even think Viletta looks good. :P
[Nimbus] she looks like a guy IMO
[Imban] Heck, Cobray looks better. :P
[Nimbus] XD
[Nimbus] immy is gay for cobray?
[Imban] not really! I just don’t like Viletta =P
[Imban] ( and Cobray makes a cuter girl :( )
[Hayate] imban wants cobray-trap, huh
[Nimbus] a cobray shota trap :P

Cobr- Uh, I mean Leinad

[Yukishiro] i guess i’ll call her Leinad .. the changed name for the Cobray Company

..and yeah, that’s pretty much it XD

The Girl that Cleaves Demons

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Nanji, mukunaru yaiba, Demonbane !
Thou, the innocent blade, Demonbane !

Just tried my hand at drawing a mecha musume recently and picked to do a Demonbane-tan XD. I really need to get back into shape at drawing… (click at the picture for full-view, I’m pretty sure the blog format cuts it off)

Of flaws and bad fortune

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Happy New Year !
Yes, there’s no escaping Reimu’s donation box. Not even for Ryogi.

Gah… it’s the end of the month already. So much misfortune and fail happened in the past few months D:
(note: Apologies to anyone who had their comment eaten back in a certain time period in December. As soon as I got back from vacation, the spam filter suddenly caught 20+ spam comments… and all that were caught before a certain number were lost for good before I can take a look at them.)

It is also proven once again that I’m still pretty incompetent in doing work… and I am indeed a flawed perfectionist. My PS2 was burglarized last month(along with the MEMORY CARDS, GAH!!), so I need to get a new one… which might take a long while, since I don’t want to drain my savings just yet. The internet has been fail because of that quake.. although that’s mostly recovered now, it seems that my ISP, TMnet has been silently killing my use of bitorrent. All projects are still going sluggishly… and I even failed to show up on CF2006.

But enough of that, there’s still life in me so I’ll hang on to all that DORYOKU & KONJOU to keep the fire burning through this year !!

I decided to put together most of the oekaki I did last year into one image. These were from Teru’s Touhou oekaki board.
Also, preview of status screen design in progress. Going along slowly.. but at least it’s moving.
Why Ryogi in the New year’s pic, you ask ?
It’s because Kara no Kyoukai is getting animated by ufotable :D

13/10 and 15/10

•October 16, 2006 • 1 Comment

Ahh… it’s that time of the year again, and I’m yet another year older. So many things I want to do and improve at, but I’m feeling less and less enthuastic/energetic everyday. Will I ever have a shot at grasping that faraway dream ? …or will my life just end in emptiness some day ?

When this blog was first made, I thought of blogging about tokusatsu shows and/or manga… maybe I’ll be able to get to that someday. I’m supposed to get ready for December’s Comic Fiesta, but I’m still struggling to get something done everyday… I’M SO SORRY, BOSS !

Since it’s Nanaya/Tohno Shiki @ DEATH birthday now, 2 days after mine… I just thought of doing some random art of him.

Beast’s Lair 2006 Type-Moon Contest

•August 22, 2006 • 5 Comments

Ryogi Shiki

The annual Type-Moon Contest is entering voting at Beast’s Lair !
There’s a good number of entries for fan arts this year, and there’s even some really good ones. The quiz is quite hard this year, but the new challenge is a welcome T_T

Anyway, here’s the full version of my entry:
Shiki Tai

Characters are (left to right), Fake Shiki@Plusdisc Killer, Tohno Shiki(@Nanaya Shiki), Ryogi Shiki, Tohno SHIKI(real Tohno Shiki).
Sadly, proportion and perspective problems abound. Ahh… so typically me… orz